One example of how to create a new Joomla user using just SQL in LQM.

The example in the LQM forum post isn’t really correct because it only checks the name field, which isn’t part of the jos_users table primary key.  In fact the only part of the primary key is the ID field, which is kind of useless.  I guess the question then is “what is the natural key”?  I’d say the keys to really check for are username, and email address.

In the next part of this article I show the SQL I used to create a user and confirm it will create correctly without errors.

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iTunes Rocks

On 22/05/2009, in Technology, by xmarkchicobaby

Finally I’ve discovered iTunes. Yeah OK I’ve been living under a rock.

Most importantly since I’ve ditched my TV I’ve discovered visualisers. These are the programs (plugins to iTunes) that create pretty screen patterns that move in time to the music. Lights out, big screen, wow pretty!

For the record I currently really like the standard visualisers that come with RythmBox on Ubuntu, but G-Streamer for iTunes isn’t too bad. G-Streamer is programmable so you can adjust the colours and patterns in real time. You can even script it so your favourite mix has it’s own patterns.

RythmBox on Ubuntu just looks cooler, more dynamic, prettier… not sure why. (I rip the CD with iTunes, then I boot to Ubuntu and play the tunes with RythmBox on the NTFS drive. You need to install additional codecs to play the iTunes AAC files but it’s easy.)

That said, it seems like I don’t know nearly enough about the in built iTunes visualisers. Ah well, more to learn.


Community Channel Funny Stuff

On 22/05/2009, in Humanity, Language Warning, by xmarkchicobaby

TV is dead and getting deader.

This crazy chick is by far the best thing I’ve ever found on You Tube.

A perfect balance of irony sarcasm sex and humour. Her ratings are through the roof, she’s #1 Most Subscribed of All Time in Australia (by a loooong margin), and #18 Most Subscribed of ALL TIME WORLD WIDE.

That means this girl is (just about) one of the most successful things on You Tube. This is without a budget, no marketing, no advertisers, a teeny script and most likely a $300 video camera. And most definitely NO TV GUIDE.

If the TV execs aren’t quaking in their boots, they should be because Their Mum Rates Natalie.


I’ve decided I don’t donate enough money to or free software projects. This includes open source but there is plenty of good free closed source software around too.  I’m guilty of using useful tools like Spy Bot Search and Destroy for years and never sending them a cent…. UNTIL NOW.

So now I’m making an effort to pay these dedicated people for their work, I mean why not? I’m using their software, it’s good stuff, and it’s easy to donate.

If we donate then the software will be better. Your computer will have good karma, you will feel great, the software developer has a good day and decides all their hard work is worthwhile. And then a magical thing happens: They improve the software, making a good tool even BETTER. The project survives, the programmer fixes the bugs, it’s a perfect world!!!

And that makes everyone happy. Especially ME.

Oh, and YOU too of course! Donate 10 bucks to your favourite free software tool today, you’ll feel like a million dollars 😉

Open source / Free Products I’ve donated or paid for (and recommend you do too):
Spy Bot Search and Destroy (Anti Malware)
Camstudio (Screen Recording Software)
Arras theme (WordPress Theme)
CCleaner (Windows XP Disk Cleanup)

This list is continually updated as I spend my money…


LQM 3.02 MQE Fix

On 29/03/2009, in LQM Topics, Programming and Development, by xmarkchicobaby

If you have an MQE with 3 queries:
Query 1 checks for records that exist
Query 2 inserts new records
Query 3 selects new (and old) records for display

You MUST set expect=”no” on the first query. Otherwise LQM uses it in place of Query3.

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