Reporting tool MyDBR

On 03/05/2013, in Technology, by xmarkchicobaby

An interesting reporting tool:

It’s more of a code generator than a report builder.  It seems powerful enough to get basic reports built quickly, while allowing for a lot of customisation.

It doesn’t seem as full featured as some more commercial reporting tools, but I think for small projects it is quite powerful.

I’ll be playing with it more in the days ahead.


New Pharmacy Computer Website for Tantek

On 19/02/2010, in Technology, Uncategorized, by xmarkchicobaby

Have finished a basic website for Tantek:

Tantek does Minfos pharmacy computer support.

So far the feedback I’ve had suggests:

  • The girl has nothing to do with the business
  • It needs a few images to spice it up

Is Steve Ballmer even remotely normal?

On 29/06/2009, in In the news, by xmarkchicobaby

Stumbled across this video of Steve Ballmer going berserk about how much he likes Microsoft.

I don’t think it’s normal to act like this.

I’m not sure if I’m worried more for the employees or for poor Steve.



David from Insight Indonesia (site?)

John Insight Media

Tony from Inlight Media

Martin from Magnetic Websites

Joomla Plugins discussed or presented

Ignite Gallery –    Presented as a flexible image gallery (Commercial)

Andrew Eddie’s Admin component Advanced Admin Menu

Andrew Eddie’s Content Manager component which works with

JX Control for access control

Joomla Works Ultimate Content Display some very impressive examples and demos, can display any content anywhere

Smooth Gallery but it seems a bit half baked

Phoka for commenting on articles – can’t find the link?

JomComment for commenting

JCE Image Manger Can supposedly do multiple uploads.  Bah so can the MCE commercial plugin.

Joomla’s inbuilt Custom HTML module – Need to create a new module to see it, but it is inbuilt already.

InLight are using in a project of theirs:

WordPress Integration

DT Register for registrations (Matt not sure re quality)

DT Donate for donations

Phil Taylors Joomla Tags (Allows automatic tagging of content I think) Hmm I hate it, it uses jQuery and the comments are 50% negative.  Why use it?

Capistrano for deployment

Little Snitch for ??

FishEye Menu (uses jQuery) – nice but have to dig around for the menu

Donation Plugin

Extras I found while browsing:

Phoca download plugin I will use it soon!

Joomla Themes discussed

Mynxx – A flexible theme.  I think this is the right link, it’s a commercial Rocket Theme.

Hive Mind from Rocket Theme (in built tabs plugin)

Themes developer

Hints and Tips

Lightbox, to close it you can hit Esc.

Java ftp uploaders for clients to upload files – but then they need Java.  Might work for one or two clients or corporate environements.

Joomla’s inbuilt Content – Load Module for loading any module in a content item

Invoicing software/website (Australian company used by InLight) (link?)

Project Tracking software

RSS Feeds to Joomla

Use to format the feed for the content item, and then read the content item.

WordPress Plugins

The WordPress ecommerce bible

Other Stuff

Radmind Loadsets for software deployment of multiple application builds (on Windows, Mac, etc)

ZFS File system, Bill Moore, Sun Engineer, Video, Interesting. internet research tool